***A Message from our Founder

To our community of friends and supporters,

Three to Be was born from a place of love and hope for the future. Eight years and $5 million later, our impact was much greater than we could have ever imagined. To see how far we’ve come today and the mark it’s left on so many people’s lives is nothing short of incredible. We are very proud of what has been accomplished for children living with neurological disorders and their families, and of the legacy that Three to Be has created.

I started Three to Be as parent of three children with neurological disorders who saw gaps that needed filling in the charitable sector. The world of research was lacking focus on neurological disorders despite how many families being affected. There weren’t any resources being put towards this important need and I wanted to change that.

At of the end of 2017, Three to Be wrapped up as a registered charity. We have made this decision after much consultation and evaluation, with the goal to ensure our PAL program continued to thrive within the special needs community. If you are a parent of a child with a neurological disorder please visit facebook and join our group: PAL is the heart of Three to Be and we are proud to know this is the legacy we will leave behind. 

While discussing Three to Be’s future, it has brought up many moments of reflection. Witnessing our funding for basic research turn into a national clinical trial, partnering with hospitals, provincial and national organizations and treatment centers to be a voice for our families and participating in the change in perspective towards the importance of the parent’s voice are some of the incredible accomplishments we’ve made together. 

We are most proud of our parent and family support group – PAL. PAL has truly become the evolution of Three to Be. With this group, we grew from a charity solely focused on research to having direct impact on children and their families.

Three to Be is a very personal part of my family’s story, so this is incredibly hard news to share. Thank you for your support and love along this wonderful journey. You are a testament to the difference a group of committed individuals can make together. I am eternally grateful to our staff, Board of Directors, volunteers, donors and families – past and present – who believed in our vision and did their very best to realize it.

I also want to ask you to keep believing in and supporting the causes you hold dearest to your heart because you can make a difference. Three to Be will live on through PAL and the families we’ve impacted – including my own. Taylor, Cole & Brody thank you for inspiring everything I have done and will continue to do for you.

“If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

With love and gratitude,